Nokia 1101 - Browse the pages of a WAP service

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Browse the pages of a WAP service

Once you have established a connection to the WAP service, you can start
browsing its WAP pages.

The function of the phone keys may vary in different WAP services. Follow the text
guides on the display. For more information, contact your WAP service provider.

General guidelines for using the keys

• Use the scroll-up and scroll-down keys to browse the WAP page and highlight

the desired item. The item can be, for example, underlined text (a ’link’).

• Press the Navi key to select a highlighted item.

• Press the clear/exit key to return to the WAP page that you viewed previously.

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• Press 0 to 9 to enter letters and numbers and * to enter special characters.

• Select


for the following options. All options may not be available at

the same time. The service provider may also offer other options.


: takes you back to the homepage of the WAP service.


: refreshes the WAP page.

Open link

: selects a link or any other highlighted item on the WAP page.

View image

: you can scroll a still picture or an animated picture that cannot be

displayed entirely. Press the scroll-up or scroll-down keys (or 2 or 8) to scroll
the picture up or down. Press 4 or 6 to scroll the picture left or right.



View next


View previous


Save image



Save image

you can save pictures for using them in picture messages or

as screensavers, and animated pictures for using them as screensavers. If the
picture is too large for picture messages and screensavers, move the box
shown over the picture to select the area that you want to save, and



Appear. sett.

: you can wrap the text lines and hide the images on the WAP

page. See also page




: you can manage bookmarks, for example, save the current WAP

page as a bookmark. See page



Service inbox

: shows the list of service messages, see

Service inbox

on page



Use number

: copies a number from the current WAP page for saving or calling,

and ends the call.

Go to address

: you can make a connection to the desired WAP page. Key in the

WAP address (press 1 for a dot) and select



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Clear the cache

: empties the cache memory of the phone (see also page



Security info

: shows whether the connection is secure.


: quits browsing and ends the call.