Nokia 1101 - Call settings

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Call settings

Call divert

To divert your incoming calls to your voice mailbox or to some other

phone number (Network Service).

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Select the divert option you want, for example, select

Divert if busy

to divert

the calls when you are on a call or when you reject a call.

Several divert options may be active at the same time. When

Divert all voice


is activated,

is shown on the display in standby mode.

Set the selected option on (


) or off (


), check whether the option

is activated by selecting

Check status

, or specify a delay for certain diverts in

Set delay

(not available for all divert options).

Automatic redial

: To set your phone to make up to ten attempts to connect the

call after an unsuccessful call attempt.

Speed dialling

: When speed dialling is on, you can dial the names and phone

numbers assigned to the speed dial keys 2 to 9 by pressing and holding the
corresponding key.

Call waiting service

: When this Network Service is activated, the network

notifies you of a new incoming call while you have a call in progress. Select


to answer the waiting call. The first call is put on hold. Select



end the active call.

Send my caller ID

: To set your phone number to be displayed (


) or hidden



) from the person you are calling (Network Service). When you select


, the setting agreed with your service provider is used.

Line for outgoing calls

: With this Network Service, you can select the phone

line 1 or 2 for making calls, or prevent line selection, if supported by your SIM

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Copyright © 2005 Nokia. All rights reserved


Incoming calls can be answered no matter which line you select. However, you
will not be able to make calls if you select line 2 without subscribing to this
Network Service. When line 2 is selected, "2" is shown on the display in the
standby mode.