Nokia 1101 - Message settings

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Message settings

The phone offers two kinds of message settings: settings specific to each setting
group (’set’) and settings common to all text messages.

Profile 1 (Menu 1-11-1)


A profile is a collection of settings needed for sending text and picture messages.

Each set has the following settings:

Message centre number


Messages sent as


Message validity


Rename sending profile

. You need the message centre

number to send text and picture messages. You can obtain this number from your
service provider.

Common (Menu 1-11-2)


The settings in this submenu apply to all text messages that you send, irrespective
of the chosen set. The available settings are:

Delivery reports


Reply via same



Character support


Character support

to define how the phone handles Unicode characters in

text messages.


If you select the


option, the phone sends all the Unicode characters, such as

’á’ and Cyrillic characters, included in a text message to a compatible phone, if
supported by your network.

1. The total number of sets depends on how many sets your SIM card offers.
2. The shortcut number of this menu depends on the number of sets available. Here, it is as-

sumed that only one set is available.

3. Availability of this menu may vary according to your service provider.

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If you select the


option, the phone tries to convert the Unicode

characters into the corresponding non-Unicode characters, for example ’á’ to ’a’,
and converts the lower case Greek characters into upper case. If no such non-
Unicode counterpart exists, the characters are sent as Unicode characters.