Nokia 1101 - Call counters and call timers

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Call counters and call timers

Note: The actual invoice for calls and services from your service provider may
vary, depending upon network features, rounding-off for billing, taxes and so

Call duration

: Shows the approximate duration of your outgoing and incoming

calls. You can reset these call timers by selecting

Clear timers


Call costs

: Shows the approximate cost of your last call or all calls in terms of

units specified within the

Show costs in


Call cost settings

: With

Call cost limit

, you can limit the call costs to the

desired amount of charging units or units of currency (Network Service). With

Show costs in

, you can select the units in which the phone shows the

remaining talk-time (contact your service provider for charging unit prices).

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Prepaid credit

: When using a prepaid SIM card, you can make calls only when

there are enough credit units on the SIM card (Network Service). Options:

Credit info display

(show or hide remaining units in standby mode),



(amount of remaining units),

Last event costs


Recharge status


Note: When no more charging units or currency units are left, calls may only be
possible to the official emergency number programmed into the device.