Nokia 1101 - Use traditional text input

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Use traditional text input

Press the key marked with the letter that you want repeatedly until the letter

Use the following functions to edit the text:

• To add a space, press 0.

• To add a punctuation mark or special character, press 1 repeatedly, or press *,

select the desired character, and press



• To move the cursor left or right, press the scroll-up or scroll-down keys


• To delete the character to the left of the cursor, press the clear/exit key. To

clear the screen, press and hold this key.

• To switch between upper and lower case, press #.

• To add a number, press and hold the desired key. To switch between letters and

numbers, press and hold #.

• To key in a letter which is on the same key as the previous one, press the scroll-

down key or the scroll-up key (or wait until the cursor appears), and key in the
new letter.

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