Nokia 1101 - Use predictive text input

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Use predictive text input

Predictive text input is an easy way to write text.

The predictive text input is based on a built-in dictionary to which you can also
add new words.

1. Key in the word you want by pressing each key once for one letter. The word

changes after each keystroke. For example, to write ‘Nokia’ when the English
dictionary is selected, press 6, 6, 5, 4, 2.

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• To delete the character to the left of the cursor, press the clear/exit key. To

clear the screen, press and hold the clear/exit key.

• To switch between upper and lower cases, or between traditional and

predictive text input, press * repeatedly and check the indicator at the top
of the display.

• To switch between letters and numbers, press and hold #.

• To get a list of special characters, press and hold *, select the character you

want, and press



• To insert a number, press and hold the number key you want. To insert

several numbers, press and hold # and key in the numbers.

2. If the displayed word is the one you want, press 0 and start writing the next


• If you want to change the word, press * repeatedly until the word you want


• If "?" is displayed after the word, the word is not in the dictionary. To add

the word to the dictionary, select


, key in the word (traditional text

input is used) and select