Nokia 1101 - Keys and connectors

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Keys and connectors

1. Flashlight

Your phone has a built-in lamp.


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2. Navi key

The function of the Nokia Navi key
depends on the text shown above it.
In this guide, the use of the Navi key
is assumed with just the related
guiding text displayed, e.g.





3. Power key

Switches the phone on or off. When
the keypad is locked, pressing the
power key briefly turns the phone’s
display lights on for approximately
15 seconds.

4. Scroll keys

Enable scrolling through names,
phone numbers, menus or settings.

Adjust the earpiece volume during a call. In standby mode, the scroll-up key

shows the list of last dialled numbers and the scroll-down key

shows the names and phone numbers saved in Contacts.

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5. The clear/exit key

Deletes characters from the display and exits from different functions.

6. 0 - 9 enter numbers and characters.

* and # are used for various purposes in different functions.

1. Charger connector

2. Headset connector

3. Microphone